When I was still studying in Italy, I used to call myself Ding for the convenience of everyone around. It is not completely unpronounceable by people who don't speak Chinese while it is still a resemblance of my Chinese name, as I find it quite absurd and a betrayal of my "oriental" cultural background to give myself an Anglo-Saxon name such as Kevin.

One Italian classmate at the time found me quite humble however chill and humorous, hence deciding to create a combination of Ding and Monster, the infamous eponymous song from Lady Gaga's album, to accentuate the features of me. Voila, there comes Dingster.

Curator, critic and art consultant of contemporary art, specializing in Middle Eastern and Islamic contemporary art and Chinese contemporary art.



一个意大利同学觉得我生性和蔼谦逊,但不乏鬼点子和冷幽默,就用Ding和Monster(而且当时Lady Gaga十分火热)拼出了个:Dingster(丁斯特)。