Contemporary Perspectives in Middle Eastern Crafts

On-site managing and Co-curating with Mary A. TeelingNicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and Pascale Wakim at Alāan Artspace at Riyadh, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Featured Artist: Lindsey Adelman, Taher Asad-Bakhtiari, Marc Baroud, Karen Chekerdjian, Khalid Shafar, Oeuffice, Paul Loebach, studio mischer'traxler, Philippe Malouin, Tamer Nakisci

A groundbreaking exhibition, exploring new avenues in design and its significance in the Middle Eastern World

Images at the courtesy of Carwan Gallery


Co-curating and on site managing with Teresa Emanuele and Dalya Islam at Alāan Artspace at Riyadh, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

QVOD VIDES, TOTVM ( all that is seen ), is drawn from the writings of the major philosopher, Seneca the Younger (4BC-64AD). Seneca’s discussions of nature hold a particular fascination for the artist. In his multi-volume work on meteorology, Natural Questions, Seneca proposes that the study of nature is ultimately the study of humanity.

Teresa Emanuele devotes days to woods and wild landscapes, capturing elements of the natural world in an effort to deliver beautiful pictures and subtle metaphors. Each image is an inspirational reminder of that which exists outside of the urban environment and the material world. It is an encouragement to expand our vision, to see the ‘view from above’, the view that liberates us.

Teresa Emanuele was born in Rome in 1980. She earned a BA in law from Rome's LUISS University and an LLM from Columbia University. It was living in New York City that fostered her interest in art as she began taking her first photographs, learning more about the medium along the way. In 2008 she attended the PhotoManhattan - School of Photography, where she perfected technique in black&white and portraiture. She quit as an associate in a Wall Street law firm at the end of 2008 and moved back to Rome to dedicate more time to art. Her artistic research focuses on the three-dimensional and kinetic potential of black&white prints on transparent surfaces such as glass and methacrylate. Teresa is also a consultant for MACRO - The Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome. 

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Image at the courtesy of Alāan Artspace and Teresa Emanuele

Change Agents

Co-curating with Mary A. Teeling at Alāan Artspace at Riyadh, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Featured Artists: Lulwah Al Homoud, Omar El Nagdi, Kamal Boullata, Mouneer Al Shaarani etc.

A group exhibition that examines the contemporary relationship between calligraphy and geometry in a visual duet. Using different media, from paint on canvas to digital print, the four artists presented in the exhibition are considered visual change agents, a label given to those who change systems, and lead others by creating a path forward.

Images at courtesy of the artists, Alāan Artspace and  Artspace Dubai.


Decoded 1.0

On site organizing and managing at Alāan Artspace with Amir Abourass (

An Architectural installation for the Riyadh Retrospective Series titled Decoded 1.0. The series is sponsored by ICEDB a Saudi urban development company. The Installation was design in Rhino 3D w/ Grasshopper plugin parametrically and fabricated locally using lazer cutting with manual labor assembly. The installation was designed to demonstrate the benefits of parametric design and the use of reclaimed building materials while utilizing digital fabrication methods. The speed of digi-fab was demonstrated also to the participating students, given the time from start of design to completion of construction was 2 weeks total. The installation is made fully of reclaimed steel sheet metal and utilizes a hexogonal geometric sequence to generate 3 dimensional modules which were assembled together by accretion to accomplish the overall form of the installation. The installation responds to the anticipated visitor circulation paths, ceiling heights, and other physical parameters in the gallery space. (

 Amir Abourass Alaan Artspace Architectural Installation. Credit at Amir Abourass Design Lab

Amir Abourass Alaan Artspace Architectural Installation. Credit at Amir Abourass Design Lab